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  • News 10th August 2016 By: rocksport

    Like it or not, and whatever division your team is in, it’s all about looking the part, as well as playing the game, on the football [ and Rugby ] field these days and ofcourse club’s can make thousands of much needed extra pounds from kit sales… Since the likes of Admiral and Umbro turned British football […]

  • News 31st July 2016 By: rocksport

    So what would have happened had we qualified? It would be churlish to deny England their 50th anniversary celebration of the Three Lions winning the World Cup but many in Scotland might argue that the next anniversary celebrated should be the 100th (if there is indeed a world then). 1966 and all that’s “50th” passed without […]

  • News 30th July 2016 By: rocksport

    The SPFL returns in August and the RockSport bawheids have been coming up with their predictions for the 2016/17 season.. It’s always a dangerous game trying to use the crystal ball as football is such an unpredictable game but never scared to put it out there here are our predictions for the season. Premiership…   […]

  • News 29th July 2016 By: rocksport

    Natalie Powell shows off her moves after earning selection in the GB judo squad A total of 366 athletes will compete for Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. While significantly smaller than the 542-strong contingent at London 2012, it is the biggest squad sent to an ‘away’ […]

  • News 29th July 2016 By: rocksport

    The road to Russia and World Cup Qualifying gets underway for Scotland on Sept 4th in Malta as the Scots take on world football minnows in what should be a relatively straight forward match for Gordon Strachan’s side. Let’s face it.. if the Dark Blue shirts [ at least we’ll be spared the pink kit […]