EXCLUSIVE: John Gilligan | RockSport


EXCLUSIVE: John Gilligan

He told ‘Talking Football’ on RockSport Radio: “What we are trying to do is put everything together at the club to work together with the fans to create one model for investment and create a membership scheme.

“The fans know this because we have had quite a number of meetings about it and that is the way I see the club going.

“Transparency is a great buzzword and you do try your best, but there is also legal obligations and you can’t tell everybody everything.

“I would like to believe that the supporters see our attempts to communicate and keep people up to speed. You have got the City situation and you have got to be really careful.

“[The] corporate governance is sound and it was mentioned in Court the other day the financial aspect of the club and how it has improved.”

Here the interview in full below: