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Draft System Considered

Scottish football could be moving towards a player draft system under new proposals put forward by the Scottish FA and backed by national manager Gordon Strachan.

Its aim is to get younger players more competitive game time.

The plan foresees Scottish Premiership clubs providing around five under-20’s players for a lower league draft pot.

Club representatives were told about the plans during a presentation at Hampden Park on Wednesday.

It was headed up by Strachan and SFA performance director Brian McClair.

The SFA will now look to set up a steering group and invite club representatives to take part before reporting back with a firm proposal.

In a system similar to American Football’s National Football League college draft, club picks could depend on league position – with the team at the bottom of the Championship possibly having first pick of the player pool.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, one Scottish Premiership chairman described the proposals as “innovative and interesting” and said all ideas on the table should be listened to.

The draft plans were one of many proposals discussed as the SFA pushed forward with its review of the game’s youth development system.

It is understood that the SFA is also keen to cut the number of so-called elite players in the current youth academy system in an attempt to create better competition and a best versus best environment.